Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cape Coral Commandments Conundrum

Check out this dumb shit.  Cape Coral Mayor John Sullivan wants to remind Cape Coral residents, and people everywhere, that there is a moral decline in this country.  He's decided to place the Ten Commandments in council chambers to send the message that we need to hop back on the straight and narrow.

Mayor Sullivan, among his religious books collection.
 Sullivan got the idea from local Jesus advocate Dick Kalfus, who faxed Sullivan and members of the council calling for public acknowledgement of the decalogue.  Kalfus' quote in the article exposes him as nothing short of superstitious:  “This isn’t about religion; it’s not political.  This is a moral issue, creating a strong moral foundation for the city of Cape Coral.  It will help revitalize the entire economy.”  Oh, it's like a deal with God, I get it.  Somewhere in a jungle there's a virgin being tossed into a volcano for similar reasons.  Kalfus also reveals dillusions of this issue being a litmus test to separate the wheat from the chaff:  "It's good versus evil.  People who are good will not hang their hat on this being a political or religious case.  They will side with morality."  So I guess all opposed are evil?  Hmmm...I've got another idea:  let's throw the ten commandments into a river, and if it floats it's not evil.       

Mayor Sullivan seems to share Kalfus's viewpoint, referring to moral decline:  "People don't want to be held accountable.  They don't want to be responsible for what they do...People just don't have the same principles they did 40 and 50 years ago."  And I guess willfully violating the letter and spirit of the constitution and expecting everyone to quietly accept it is a good example of a person with principles who's ready to be held accountable for his actions?

Kalfus may see this as a litmus test to determine right from wrong, but others may see it as a litmus test to determine if the mayor and city council are fit to make critical decisions and adequately serve their city, or if they'd rather waste the city's time and money fighting for principles which will not stand up in the courts. 

But all of this was last week's news, and we can all relax and dig our panties out of our cracks.  The council met yesterday and declined to support the mayor's proposal to place the Ten Commandments in the city hall.   

The mayor's fruitless suggestion has done more than just waste the town's time, it's provided us with a very entertaining string of articles, editorials, and letters to the editor on, the local Florida paper in electronic form.  As of this posting, there are 8 such jewels to enjoy.  Including a two page retort to the editor from Cape Coral's very own Rasputin, Dick Kalfus.  Not only does Kalfus actually use the word "shabby" two times, but he reprises his warble, stating that "if we are to quickly fight our way out of this depression, we need to send a message around the state, and the nation, and the world that Cape Coral is a special place."  A special place that exists outside of the constitution, I guess.

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