Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fighting Back Against "God Hates Fags"

Here's a really good article/interview about a student group from George Washington University that's decided to fight back against the Westboro Baptist shit fuckers in a way that doesn't bring them what they want:  media coverage to spread their message of insanity and hate.

The students have a website called transcendhate.com where people can donate to causes that the WBC would absolutely hate.  WBC plans a protest on the GW campus, as well as at Arlington Cemetary on Veteran's Day this year.  The students emphasize donation as opposed to a physical counter protest, which they claim will only bring WBC more attention.  They certainly don't need anymore of that!  The money raised is split between 4 charities which "advance causes that the WBC has explicitly targeted in the past."

I like this approach much better than yelling at the WBC idiots, or waiving signs that say how nearly all of us already feel.  It's a good thing that nearly everybody thinks these people are crazy, but it's even better when those sentiments translate to helping wounded soldiers, or people with aids, or suicidal gay kids, or Israeli victims of terrorism.

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