Monday, November 29, 2010

Supreme Court Foils Penguin's Plot...

Remember all of those demands for President Obama's birth certificate?  Tons of angry old bigots, grasping for a loophole in a last ditch effort to maintain power in the White House.  Anyhow, you can thank Charles Kerchner Jr. (AKA, The Penguin, below) for not letting it die.  Kerchner had sought a trial in a federal court in which he hoped to force President Obama to produce documents regarding his birth and citizenship. 

Kerchner has again been rejected a trial, this time by the Supreme Court.  He has argued through petition that those who wrote Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution intended for the President to be born of two parents who were both natural born citizens (Obama's father was born in Kenya).  The article officially states no such thing, only that the President himself must be a natural born citizen. 

This is another case of a conservative who claims to know the intentions of our founding fathers, and that somehow they forgot to literally explain themselves as well as present conservatives can.  These are the same people who tend to know god's will.  For an idea of exactly what Kerchner is about, take a look at this Message from Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., published on November 21 in The Post & Email (whatever that is).  It includes this glorious 44 word run-on sentence, which rates as perhaps one of the finest literary examples of conservative fear mongering:
"Mr. Obama and his puppet masters and his enablers in political power and in the main stream media have perpetrated and allowed to continue the greatest fraud on this nation in the history of our Republic and he needs to be exposed and removed."     

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