Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Priest Attempts To Quiet Victim With Hit...

A defrocked Roman Catholic priest offered his neighbor $5,000 to kill a boy that he raped 2 years ago at gunpoint.  The neighbor was understandably suspicious of former priest John Fiala after the proposition, and called the police.  The cops then staged a conversation with Fiala in his home where Fiala made a deal with an undercover officer to have the boy killed. 

Fiala was indicted on four counts of sexual assault against the then 16 year old boy this past September, and had reportedly threatened to harm the boy and his family several times since the transgression.  What a loser asshole: 

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  1. Of course this man is a pathetic loser and a disgusting monster...and clearly a coward. I don't know why people that want someone else dead so badly that they are willing to state their plea to someone else and pay them can't just pull the trigger themselves.