Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Complete Waste Of Time...

Oklahoma voted yesterday to officially declare that Sharia law not be considered by courts when making decisions.  Question 755, or as it was called the "Save Our State" (fucking please!) constitutional amendment was overwhelmingly approved on Tuesday, but critics say that it's completely unnecessary and unfair to target Islam when the US Constitution already protects us from such things. 

Never before in the history of Oklahoma has Sharia law been enforced in a courtroom.  This is obviously not a threat, and even if the state were overrun with Muslims, the US Constitution would override any such decisions.  I'm surprised that they didn't just go ahead and throw in an amendment that protects people's rights to specifically criticize President Obama.  Or the right of Fox News to report on anything they want, however they want to report it.  Or that "nobody will eat babies" (thanks to my wife for that one).  Those freedoms and limitations already exist in a much broader scope.  Sharon Angle must have been the substitute teacher on the day Oklahoma learned about civics.     

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