Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bank Takes Down Tree, Christians Shit Pants On Cue...

A Chase Bank in Southlake, Texas was ordered to take down their Christmas tree last week by their central office.  The tree was provided and decorated by a friend of the bank's manager, Mr. Antonio Morales, owner of the local Bellagio Day Spa who is known throughout the town for his tree decorations.  The people in town are predictably shitting their pants about it, and so are Christians everywhere (just read the comments at the end of the story).

For some reason, every article I find on this seems all too anxious to point out that Mr. Morales annually puts up a Christmas tree in a Jewish friend's office.  A Jewish man who owns his own business certainly has the right to decorate however he wants.  The article I've linked to seems to be the only one that even attempts to explain the fact that Chase Bank has a policy that their banks only use corporate provided decorations.  Maybe somebody complained about allergies?  Maybe somebody was offended?  Who cares, and that's not the point.  Chase bank can do what they want with their decorations, and their branches have to honor their wishes.  That's just the way it is.  This isn't an assault on Christmas.

Cram and Ballwell plan on writing more about the "assault on Christmas," so stay tuned.  

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