Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold War On Christmas, 2010

It's finally time to reignite the imaginary war on Christmas!  Atheists everywhere have received their top secret orders in the mail, billboards have been erected that dare to challenge Christian beliefs, and businesses everywhere are wishing people "Happy Holidays." 

In defense of Christmas, brave Christians everywhere are pulling out all the stops, occasionally even casting aside their very values in a last ditch effort to save the season.  Long ago, the baby Jesus and Santa Claus were nearly enemies.  Christians often believed that Santa detracted from the true "reason for the season."  Now, the two are forever joined together, thanks to all of the believers who insist that rampant over-commercialization and holiday consumerism be done in the name of Christ.  "Don't you dare wish me Happy Holidays as I trample over people to purchase this animatronic Sesame Street toy." 

Conservative talking-heads are jumping in eagerly, as is expected.  For eleven months out of the year, they loyally defend the rights of the corporations and businesses.  Raise minimum wage?  Not fair to the business owners.  If you want more money and better benefits, then you should search for work elsewhere.  Scrutinize businesses for not hiring enough minorities?  No way!  These businesses have the right to hire whomever they want, they argue.  But this is war, and sometimes war demands sacrifice.  And sometimes that sacrifice is consistency in values.  Company-wide standards are no longer considered the prerogative of upper management, so long as those standards omit Christmas decorations.  Instead, it's proof of a conspiracy to kill Christmas.  Public offices and buildings that don't allow citizens to decorate their grounds with trees and nativity scenes aren't refraining from favoring a religion, instead they're denying people their rights to celebrate Jesus.

Sometime in the spring...

...Now, in December
The Grinch thought he could stop Christmas by stealing decorations and gifts, only to find out that it's the spirit, attitude and good cheer that make the season so special.  But that's just a story, and this is WAR in the real world!  Holidays only mean what those who celebrate them say they mean.  It appears that Christians fear that Christmas can be taken away exactly how the Grinch planned to, so maybe it really can?