Monday, December 13, 2010

Don't Buy Breast Milk Online....

Every once in a while, I read something in the news that opens my mind to worlds that were previously unknown to me.  This article about the online breastmilk market is a really good example of that.  This seems like something I'd see in a John Waters film, but it's not.  Mothers are actually purchasing breast milk online from other women via online classified ads. 

According to the article, the FDA says that purchasing breast milk on the internet from sites such as is not a good idea, and mothers should instead purchase from approved sources, such as the Human Milk Banking Association Of America.

The idea that people would purchase milk from an unknown person over the internet is absolutely dumbfounding.  Is formula really a bad option when compared to the idea that your baby could potentially be drinking the milk of a drug addict, or a person with a contagious disease?  How do you know if this stuff is even human milk?
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  1. We'd like to clarify that we don't have a problem with responsible exchange of human milk. We also assume that most mothers who exchange milk are probably being careful.