Monday, December 6, 2010

Televangelist Cheats On Wife, Thwarts Extortion Scheme

This is hardly news anymore.  We may as well change our blog name to "Televangelist Watch" with how often this happens.  This time, at least it's a heterosexual affair. 

Reverend Marcus Lamb of Daystar Television Network admitted to an inappropriate sexual affair on the air last week with his wife Joni (above, as "Cockatoo" from Zoobilee Zoo) by his side.  Lamb claims that three people threatened to expose the affair if the couple didn't pay them over $7 million.

Phil Kammer of wrote an interesting piece from a concerned Christian's point of view that's worth reading, if you can get through all of the typos.  Kammer makes some relevant points that you'd hope every Christian would make, but unfortunately many do not:

...This has left the Church with many pastors and leaders who have gotten away with their deeds only to teach our youth that the Grace of Christ is best used to cover our tracks...Mr. Marcus has almost successfully gotten away with adultery on his terms.

Kammer also brings to attention some more interesting dirt that's sprouted from the aftermath:   
...Jeanette Hawkins the Marketing Director for Daystar filed suit against her employer Daystar because the situation became so outrageous that she was no longer able to respect her work place...In a effort to protect Daystar and Mr. Lambs reputation a counter suit was filed against Ms. Hawkins which almost forces me to question what is going on.  Do Christians act in this fashion?

It is also emphasized in this post that Christians are getting tired of defending their leaders to the world.  But isn't your leader supposed to be Jesus Christ?  Isn't the bible supposed to be your guide through your personal walk with the Lord?  Don't Christians always condemn people for "putting their faith in man" rather than Christ?  If the millionaire founder of a television network is considered one of your "Christian leaders," then how do you expect the rest of us to take your spirituality seriously when you're suprised that he's lacking the integrity you expected from him?    

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