Monday, December 27, 2010

A Broadway Musical I Want To See....

I would brave the bedbugs of NY City to watch this musical by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Avenue Q's Robert Lopez.  The Book Of Mormon opens in March, and I'm sure it will be hilarious and offensive.  According to (which quotes Vogue), the musical is "the story of a pair of teenage missionaries who get sent to Uganda, where can-do Mormon pep meets its match in disease, starvation, and warlords who shoot people in the face." One of the lead characters in the show is gay and will attempt to contain his sexuality.

In my search for photos from the South Park episode "All About The Mormons," I came across a Mormon website called ""  This website compares the portrayal of the Joseph Smith story on South Park to what Mormons actually believe.  Their "truth" is just as crazy, that's for sure, but you've got to admire the Mormons for being so opportunistic and diplomatic with this approach. 

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