Thursday, December 30, 2010

Harry Potter A Christian?

Harry Potter is a good guy with a strong value system, so therefore he must be a Christian.  This is the connection Episcopalian author Danielle Tumminio is making in her new book "God and Harry Potter."

Her reasoning:  “I see him best as a seeker in a world where Christianity is not the vocabulary. I see him best as a seeker trying to live a life of faith in the same way a Christian seeker tries to live a life grace,” Tumminio told CNN.

So in a world where Christianity doesn't exist, she sees Harry Potter as a Christian? 

The Harry Potter series has been seriously criticized by conservative Christians, even to the point where it ranks first in the American Library Association’s Top Banned/Challenged books from 2000-2009, and the Salvation Army banned Harry Potter and Twilight toys because they aren't in line with Christian principles.  You can donate a toy gun, but not a figurine of a boy wizard. 

Tumminio argues (correctly) that the Christian stance against Harry Potter is "very narrow," and that criticism of the books "wasn’t just doing the books an injustice, it was doing Christianity an injustice. First of all I was astounded so many of (the critics) hadn’t read the books.”

Personally, I think her argument is a little too narrow.  Christian criticism is not unusual and reserved solely for the Harry Potter series.  Christians are known to take a hard line stance against supernatural things that aren't about Christianity.  And just because Harry Potter is the hero who's always trying to do what's morally right, that doesn't make him a Christian.  In fact, I find the implication that all good people must be Christians even more offensive and narrow minded than Christians rejecting a book series that's supernatural.     


  1. Fantasy is Fantasy. Allegories found in Fantasy may make moral points but do not need to have ties to a specific religion. Those who try to tie them together only do so to prove their own world view or are trying to be relevant in an awkward way.

    Christians have the best story in the world. It is not a Fantasy. It is not an allegory. Of course there are those who do not believe in God and do not believe Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God. They believe that Jesus Christ was a good man with good things to say.

    However, this concept is a Fantasy. For a good man who claims he is God and claims he is the only way to God either is what he claims, or he is a liar and does more harm than good.


  2. ...or that he just never existed in the first place.

    And I happen to believe that some liars can also be good people.

    There is no proof that the story of Christ is not a fantasy.