Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Suicide Contributed to Intolerance

Another gay teen has committed suicide.  Zach Harrington, a 19 year old from Norman, OK (where things are not ok) killed himself a week after attending a City Council meeting where the council voted 7-1 in favor of recognizing October as LGBT History Month in the city.  However, during the meeting several different residents spoke out against the proclamation, citing tons of senseless reasons why this lifestyle shouldn't be "exalted."  Zach's parents say this meeting certainly contributed to his suicide.  Queerty has an actual clip of some of these poor, misled idiots proudly displaying their bigotry.  There's a lady on the clip who brags about her education, yet uses "prejudicy" several times as if it's really a word.  Pay attention to the end of the clip, when a female Methodist minister actually says she supports the proclamation, referring to a lesbian couple with children that attends her church.  It's the only good thing about the whole clip.  The Queerty post will fill you in on the details.

This seems to be a serious epidemic that needs attention.  Instead, I fear the religious right is going to get even more entrenched in their anti-gay position.  I won't be surprised if they claim these suicides are a symptom of godlessness.  In fact, I'll be surprised if they don't.

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