Thursday, October 21, 2010

South Park Death Threats = 20+ years behind bars...

Now this is exactly what's supposed to happen when you threaten some body's life because they drew a cartoon that offended you.    

Last April, Comedy Central censored a South Park episode, due to death threats regarding their depiction of Muhammad.  In the episode, the South Park gang are trying to conceal Mohammad as they deliver him to a terrorist gang of "gingers" who want to steal Mohammed's ability to never be made fun of.  They hide Mohammad in a bear costume, fearful that the town will be bombed if Mohammad is seen.  The bear costume (above) is a hilarious touch!  

Zachary Chesser, a 20 year old American-born islamic convert who goes by Abu Talhah al Amrikee (which translates to "mindless coward, empty scrotum"), has recently entered a plea bargain with a federal court.  Chesser pleaded guilty to providing material support to terrorists, communicating threats, and soliciting crimes of violence.  Do to the terroristic nature of the crimes, the plea bargain comes with a sentence of at least 20 years.  Chesser will be sentenced in February.  

Wouldn't it be great if South Park aired the episode unedited in celebration of the ruling?            



  1. Here's a solution to the "Ground Zero Mosque" debacle... we love us some freedom of religion in this country, so the building of this mosque shouldn't be an issue. But we also love us some freedom of speech. We should all chip in and sponsor a billboard across the street with a huge likeness of Mohammed, staring down on the mosque entrance. Insensitive, you say? Kind of like building a mosque close to the location where terrorists murdered 3000 in the name of Allah? It makes perfect sense to me.

  2. That would be awesome. Or maybe just a billboard with South Park's Mohammad in a bear costume? Kind of crazy how South Park actually showed Mohammad on the "Super Best Friends" episode years ago and nobody bitched at the time.