Friday, October 8, 2010

"How Can You Desecrate My Lord?"

That's the question posed by Kathleen Folden in Loveland, Colorado.  Folden took offense to some artwork at the Loveland Gallery, and decided to avenge the lord Jesus (since he apparently needs her help) by using a crowbar to break through the Plexiglas display containing the offending artwork, before she tore the print to pieces.  The piece apparently depicts Jesus in a "sexual act," or what can be perceived as such.  It also kind of looks like Jesus has boobies.  The title of the piece by Enrique Chagoya  is "The Misadventures of Romantic Cannibals," and it's categorized as a collage.  The good news is that there are 29 other identical prints in the edition.  Wouldn't it be an awesome display of free speech if a church, or a christian person/leader were to purchase one of these prints and then destroy it?  It'd be a perfectly legal and constitutional way to protest the content.     

What is REALLY mind blowing is that the artwork WON'T RETURN to the museum due to "safety concerns."  So the fat, angry trucker woman wins after all.  This is a slippery slope, first with muslim outrage over drawings of Mohammed, and spread now to christian vigilantism over depictions of Jesus as a bearded lady possibly getting a BJ.  Must we propose a "go-down-on-Jesus drawing day"?

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  1. Her t-shirt says it all, "Tougher than nails". Which I find offensive because of the whole crucifix thing.