Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stomp the vote!

Watch two dickless human beings assault a woman and stomp on her head and neck. No, this isn't COPS, this is a Rand Paul rally. Read about the incident here.

There are a number of stupid people in this country who will follow whatever you say, if you dumb it down enough and attack the things they don't understand (other races, healthcare, the way revenue is generated). This is the base of the Tea Party. It is being funded by people who are unbelievably rich so that they may stay unbelievable rich and get even richer and completely alienate the poor dumb sons of bitches who helped them, no matter the number of early-20s Liberal Arts graduates they beat up along the way or black politicians they call nigger. Seriously: What is going to get better for Toejam and Earl here if the Tea Party rises to power? What hope do they have?

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