Sunday, October 17, 2010

The "god" Card: Ticket To Election?

Robert Putnam from the Los Angeles Times writes on a trend in American religion and politics.  The article claims that the youngest generation is associating themselves as "non-religious" much more than any previous generation.  The primary reason these youngsters site for non-affiliation is "politics."  The old-time religion of our parents and grand parents has lost its appeal.  It was a short ride, and let's hope it's really over.  It seems like the anti-science, anti-gay, anti-love message of yesterday's "Christians" has finally gone the way of the dodo bird...

Spoke too soon.  Looks like they never got the memo in Kentucky (no real surprise).  In a recent debate between senatorial hopefuls, Demo-crap Jack Conway was chastised by opponent Rand Paul (Republi-can't) for his ruthless smear campaign against Paul's alleged religious beliefs.  Conway's campaign ads claim that Paul belonged to a secret society during college that is rumored to have called the holy bible a "hoax," and required members and tied up women to bow before false idols and claim that their god is "Aqua Buddha."  I love how it's not OK to call the bible a hoax, yet this "Aqua Buddha" can be singled out as a FALSE idol.  This is such bullshit.  

Before you go and jump on the Rand Paul wagon, please note that he still believes it's a great compromise for local governments to vote on GLBT rights to marry.  Says Paul:  "I don't like the idea of Suzie has two mommies being an appropriate conversation to have with kindergartners.  That's what happens when it gets to the federal level."  It seems like Paul is out of touch with not only civil rights, but the mentality of most kindergartners.  A likely explanation of gay marriage to a kindergartner would go as such:  

Kindergartner:  Daddy, why does Suzie have two mommies?  
Dad:  Because some people do, and Suzie's mommies love each other, and they love Suzie just like your mother and I love you. 
Kindergartner:  (picking boogers out of his/her nose) Oh.  Can we go to McDonalds?  

That conversation sure beats what's happening now between adults on this issue.  

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