Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Hell House" Tradition Continues...

Trinity Church (Cedar Hill, TX) will celebrate their 20th year of "Hell House" this Halloween season.  I watched the 2001 documentary about their event a couple years ago, and it was CRAZY (the documentary is excellent; the Hell House is ridiculous).  Basically, the church puts on a "haunted house" of biblical proportions, focusing on the eternal consequences for abortion, drug use, gay sex, satanic sacrifice and other "ungodly" activities.  Customers are escorted from scene to horrifyingly stupid scene, until the hell climax at the end, where you see the aborted mother, the gay teen who died of aids, and every other victim who "drank Satan's poison" suffering eternal torment.  

If you really want to laugh your heathen ass off, watch this guy talk about his "history" as a "raver" as he shows the future placement of his "rave - slash - suicide scene" (start at the 2:26 mark, so you can see the Star of David that's supposed to be a pentagram).  No rave scene can be authentic unless you use an "official date rape drug." 

Friendly Atheist has a really cool post about a satirical want-ad for a fictitious "Hell House" that asks for dozens of aborted baby fetuses.  Also, ReligiousTolerance has a write-up all about how Hell Houses are often disguised as conventional secular haunted houses.  I'm so happy I finally have a rational excuse to avoid haunted houses.  Instead of admitting that I'll possibly pee my pants, or potentially punch some clown with a chainsaw, I can finally say "it may be a fundamentalist trap!"  

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