Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jimmy Carter On Obama, Bipartisan Deteriation, Religion

Check out this clip of Jimmy Carter on the Joy Behar show.  He makes some great comments about complete separation of church and state, remarking on how he never allowed Billy Graham to lead a religious service in the whitehouse, and how he believes an atheist could one day serve as president.   
Carter also talks about how Obama's reelection propects could improve with republican wins in the November elections.  The logic is that if the Republicans become the majority, they'll want to look good for reelection by cooperating with Democrats to make change.  In other words, they'll stop sabotaging legislature that they would have previously been happy to cooperate with because they won't need to make Democrats look as bad anymore.  He also argues that Obama will finally have a figure with which to debate, should the Republicans hold the majority. 

To further support Carter's claim that Republicans are being irresponsible and selfish with their saboteur attitude, Mitch McConnell (above, looking like a flaccid and asexual version of Benjamen Franklin) has recently admitted that the GOP's major priority will continue to be to get Obama out of office, at any cost.  Wow!  How can people read this and not translate it as "we're willing to sacrifice the well-being of our country today, for the well-being of our party tomorrow"?  This is horribly anti-America.

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