Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Hummingbird" Electric Battery Powers Audi For 375 Miles

Averaging 55mph, the German-made KOLIBRI AlphaPolymer Technology Battery powered a converted Audi A2 for 375 miles on a single charge.  An interesting point to note is that the A2 was able to keep it's back seat intact, and did not require the sacrifice of the trunk space, making it a world record run for a production level vehicle.  Engadget reports that the battery is capable of being charged from virtually any socket, needing only 6 minutes to complete a charge using a high voltage DC source.

In another interesting story today, the estimated amount of oil in Alaska's oil reserve has been lowered 90%. 

Considering today's news, and considering our post last week regarding a new thermoelectric energy converter that could potentially make solar energy competitive with coal, I'd say it's a slam dunk that it benefits the developed world to put money into researching electric cars and solar energy.  Can you imagine driving your car home, plugging it in and charging it in your garage which receives it's electricity from a solar powered source?  That's even cooler than flying cars!      

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