Friday, October 15, 2010

Authors: Hysteria of Evangelicals is ineffective, overall

Read this great column in the Huffington Post by Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner. It's sort of a scorecard of the religious right and its goals. Excerpt: "In combination, the various failings of the religious right -- of tone, strategy, theology, and simply human sympathy -- abetted a social backlash that goes beyond politics. By the 1990s, argues Robert Putnam, the politicization of religion by the religious right was causing many young people to turn against religion itself. The religious right, it turns out, was not good for religion."


  1. its like a very low percentage of young people that actualy belive in religion and god, like 30 to 40 % compared to 80-90% of above 50 yr olds... so hopefully it will just phase out

  2. let's hope so. That doesn't mean that the dinosaurs won't stop fighting. They're trying harder than ever to hold on.